get-attachment-74.aspx_2“Line after line, these poems are stunning!  Born in mind and mouth, true and real experience, found and transformed into poetry…in which you will find yourself.”  -Gary Margolis

“Malisa Garlieb has an ear for the sound of her poems: the many stressed syllables, internal rhymes and alliterative phrasing make the poems best read aloud. From parenting to love, she shines a lucid light on the personal.”   -Josie Leavitt


“Reading these poems is like stepping into a secret garden.  Garlieb’s words are wildly beautiful, and the sensations she plants grow untamed within the reader.  Each poem hangs on a balance between tension and reconciliation.  Garlieb seduces the reader with her ripe imagery and artful expression.  She has created a garden, full of unapologetic temptation.”   -Rebekah Hopkinson